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A Makena Babymoon Portrait Session

I had the pleasure of photographing this California couple yesterday morning bright and early as the sun was just coming up over our little island.  They wanted some maternity photographs to remember their trip with while

Private Villa + Waterfall: Maui Babymoon Portraits

Babymoons are all the rage right now, and beautiful pregnant bellies are a common site on Maui beaches. We had the absolute pleasure of photographing a lifestyle babymoon maternity session on our little island home recently,

Why I Love Film

I love film.  I can’t help it.  I’m obsessed with the softness of the grain, the beautiful way it handles highlight and shadow, and the color translated on the emulsion.  I know the science behind it – I studied it

Behind the Scenes, Maui Babymoon Style

3:20am alarm. Five different looks photographed in three locations over a span of eight hours. And half a dozen rolls of film sent to the lab. It was a dream. And in anticipation of what’s to come from this gorgeous

Styled Babymoon Maternity Portraits Sneak Peek

I have a little sneak peek of the styled babymoon maternity portraits we did last week!  I’ve been tracking (ok stalking) the film from last week’s shoot and it just arrived to The Find Lab this afternoon! While

Styled Babymoon Maternity Photo Shoot Inspiration

I’ve been pulling together styled babymoon maternity photo shoot inspiration for weeks now and I can finally share it here!  I’ve had an idea rolling around in my brain since the moment we arrived on this island.

Maui Hawaii Maternity Portraits and Flower Crowns

We have some gorgeous Maui Hawaii maternity portraits and flower crowns to share with you today! Since we’ve gotten to this little island, the bulk of sessions I’ve photographed have been at sunset.  And I have

Maui Babymoon Maternity Portraits

I have some Maui babymoon maternity portraits to share with you today! Taylor is the owner of Refreshed Yoga, and also one of our neighbors.  It’s been such a gift to get to know her (and the world of yoga) recently.

Tropical Babymoon Maternity Portraits

I have some gorgeous tropical babymoon maternity portraits to share with you today!  I’m getting caught up on blogging the sessions from my September traveling extravaganza.  After we left Bend, we went up to Whidbey

Nate & Jenna: Maui Maternity Portraits Part 2

Last week, we posted the film photographs from our Maui maternity portraits with the picture-perfect family of almost four – you can see that session here.  This week, we have the digital version of the maternity session.