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A Beautiful Morning Portrait Session in Makena

Hello friends and Happy New Year!  You might have noticed that most of our portrait sessions are on the beach.  So we love it when clients ask for a location that’s off the beach.  This one happened to right across the

South Maui Family Portraits in Makena

This is the third year in a row that I’ve had the privilege of photographing this well-loved family on Maui.  And their photos always manage to be some of my favorites!  We caught the tail end of sunset for their

Loving on Grammy and Grandad – Maui Family Photographer

This is the second year in a row that we’ve photographed this beautiful family!  Most of our clients are tourists, but we do have the occasional Maui residents that we have the privilege of getting our camera on.  (It

A Tiny Baby and a Tiny Cottage in Bend, Oregon

It was the last few days of our trip to Bend.  Our dear friends had driven their five month old baby nearly 12 hours just to see us while we were on their side of the ocean.  They were tucked away in the most adorable little

Frogs and Tigers in Sunriver – Bend, Oregon Family Portraits

We just love families on vacation.  They’re out of the normal routine of work and demands and responsibilities.  Their kids run free. Mom and Dad are relaxed.  And everyone is travel-happy.  That pretty much describes

Morning Family Portraits at Brasada Ranch – Bend, Oregon

When Jamie first contacted me about a family portrait session while they vacationed at Brasada Ranch from Atlanta, she warned me. Her girls were very, very busy.  She has had professional photographs taken in the pst, but

Portraits at the Family Cabin in Camp Sherman, Oregon

We’re about a month behind on blogging, and are just now getting to post the sessions we photographed on our trip to Oregon last month.  We flew in to Bend late Monday night, and drove straight out to photograph some

Wailea Beach Villas Family Portraits and a Dance Party

It’s hard to believe that we’ve called this island home for long enough to have repeat clients!  The Smiths were one of our first families we photographed after moving this business across the Pacific, and they

Maui Family Photography at Wailea Elua Village

I photographed this gorgeous family on the lawn outside their oceanfront condos at Wailea Elua Village a couple weeks ago.  Their session was bumped up two nights in anticipation of an impending storm that turned out to be a

Grand Wailea Family Portraits & Cabana Viewing Appointments

Tara and I first worked together two years ago when she commissioned me to develop the brand for her photography business.  We worked together for months, communicating via phone and email, and successfully launched her new

An Extra Special Kauai Family Portrait Session – Koloa, Hawaii

We did a little island hopping over the 4th of July holiday for an extra special Destination Family portrait session.  It was a trip that had already been in the works for the entire family.  But they came without one

A Solid Family Unit at White Rock Beach

I knew that I was going to love this family from the very first conversation I had with Lisa during our phone consultation.  As she described her family, her voice lit up.  For them, they work hard.  And play hard.  And

Maui Memories in the Midst of Cancer

It was one of those emails that sucker punches you and overwhelms you with every kind of emotion all at once. “My mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer,” Sarah wrote.  Her mom had never been to Maui, and she wanted to

Goldie Hawn in Porter: Family Photography At Home

My very favorite type of family photography session takes place at a client’s home.  Whether it’s their actual residence, or a private villa that’s being rented for an unforgettable vacation.  I love the relaxed normalcy of

Why I Love Film

I love film.  I can’t help it.  I’m obsessed with the softness of the grain, the beautiful way it handles highlight and shadow, and the color translated on the emulsion.  I know the science behind it – I studied it