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Goldie Hawn in Porter: Family Photography At Home

My very favorite type of family photography session takes place at a client’s home.  Whether it’s their actual residence, or a private villa that’s being rented for an unforgettable vacation.  I love the relaxed normalcy of

Styled Babymoon Maternity Photo Shoot Inspiration

I’ve been pulling together styled babymoon maternity photo shoot inspiration for weeks now and I can finally share it here!  I’ve had an idea rolling around in my brain since the moment we arrived on this island.

Tropical Babymoon Maternity Portraits

I have some gorgeous tropical babymoon maternity portraits to share with you today!  I’m getting caught up on blogging the sessions from my September traveling extravaganza.  After we left Bend, we went up to Whidbey

Ten Days for Ten Years: A Personal Post

A year and a half ago, my husband and I took a life changing trip to Maui. Incidentally, he lost his wedding ring in the ocean on day five of a seven day trip. I’ve been begging him to get a replacement ever since. Let’s be

The Johnsons are Moving

One way tickets have been purchased and it’s time to make our little secret public. We’re celebrating ten years of being Mr. and Mrs. (next month) by going after a crazy dream together. Just him and me. Although

Introducing Private Photography Critiques

I did a little digging in the archives this morning, and found this – a photograph of my twin sister that was included in one of my very first blog posts six years ago: I had been shooting for nearly a decade prior to

Published: People Magazine Country Special

I guess we aren’t the only ones celebrating Coy and Kylie getting hitched – People Magazine jumped on the bandwagon as well in their November 2013 Country Special!