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Goldie Hawn in Porter: Family Photography At Home

My very favorite type of family photography session takes place at a client’s home.  Whether it’s their actual residence, or a private villa that’s being rented for an unforgettable vacation.  I love the relaxed normalcy of

Why I Love Film

I love film.  I can’t help it.  I’m obsessed with the softness of the grain, the beautiful way it handles highlight and shadow, and the color translated on the emulsion.  I know the science behind it – I studied it

Family Photography Ideas: Wear a Swimsuit to Show Off Your Baby Bump

It’s always beach season in Maui, and just about everyone here has a favorite swimsuit or two in their beachwear collection (me included!). The other thing about Maui is that it’s always babymoon season. And a babymoon is

Behind the Scenes, Maui Babymoon Style

3:20am alarm. Five different looks photographed in three locations over a span of eight hours. And half a dozen rolls of film sent to the lab. It was a dream. And in anticipation of what’s to come from this gorgeous

Styled Babymoon Maternity Portraits Sneak Peek

I have a little sneak peek of the styled babymoon maternity portraits we did last week!  I’ve been tracking (ok stalking) the film from last week’s shoot and it just arrived to The Find Lab this afternoon! While

Styled Babymoon Maternity Photo Shoot Inspiration

I’ve been pulling together styled babymoon maternity photo shoot inspiration for weeks now and I can finally share it here!  I’ve had an idea rolling around in my brain since the moment we arrived on this island.

Family Portraits, Maui, Hawaii

Happy Friday! It’s been a beautiful and busy couple of weeks as we work towards launching our new design website, just two days away from full launch! We can hardly wait. On the photography side of things, we were so excited

Family Portraits in Bend, Oregon

I have another portrait session to share with you from our recent trip to Oregon a few weeks ago!  I had forgotten how chilly 50 degrees really feels, but I didn’t forget how gorgeous the Central Oregon evening light is!  I

Maui Multi-Family Portraits with Seven Cousins

Oh my goodness, we are behind in posting sessions!  We had dear, long-time friends visit Maui over Thanksgiving (I told you we were behind!).  It was so much fun to meet them on the beach for some fun family portraits at

Wailea Family Portraits

Misty.  That’s the only word I know to start this post with.  Her name.  Misty was one of Shawna’s best friends.  Whenever I think of her, I think of Shawna.  They are forever connected in my mind.  And when Shawna was sick,

Portland Oregon Family Portraits and Paris

I just spent a whirlwind week photographing portrait sessions in Oregon and have so much to share.  Starting with this gorgeous family.  One of the favorite parts of my job is watching children grow over the years.

Maui Hawaii Maternity Portraits and Flower Crowns

We have some gorgeous Maui Hawaii maternity portraits and flower crowns to share with you today! Since we’ve gotten to this little island, the bulk of sessions I’ve photographed have been at sunset.  And I have

Destination Family Portrait Session in Kihei

We have another Destination Family Portrait Session in Kihei to share with you today.  It’s been a very busy 2015, and we’re finally getting caught up on blogging! The Jarabek family came to Maui to celebrate

Destination Family Portrait Session | Wailea Hawaii

 We have a destination family portrait session in Wailea, Hawaii to share with you today!  We realized a few years ago that families love to travel together.  Especially to beautiful destinations.  And not a lot of

Lahaina Maui Family Portraits at Olowalu

Happy Wednesday friends!  We have some Lahaina Maui family portraits at Olowalu to share with you today.  This one features another one of our favorite Maui families! We photographed them for the first time last year just